Monday, January 27, 2014

Crossover of the Day (January 27, 2014)

After this, I'm going to be restricting the "Crossover of the Day" posts to once a week. There will still be plenty of great posts the other six days of the week, though. :)

Late Autumn 1976
            P.I. Miles Jacoby investigates a murder and a missing person case, which appear to be unrelated, but ultimately prove to be intimately connected. Jacoby asks Detroit-based detective Amos Walker to collect info about the missing girl’s karate teacher. He later turns that case over to Henry Po for a time. Jacoby’s investigation of the murder leads him to the Mysterious Bookshop, which has a sign in the window announcing that an author named Mallory will be there later in the week to autograph books. Later, Jacoby calls a detective in Cincinnati named Harry Stoner and asks him to dig up info on a suspect.
            Novel by Miles Jacoby, edited by Robert J. Randisi. P.I. Amos Walker is the protagonist of a series of novels and short stories by Loren D. Estleman. Henry Po, an investigator for the New York Racing Commission, is the protagonist of Randisi’s novel The Disappearance of Penny and his short stories “The Equine Theft,” “The Nickel Derby,” and “The Girl Who Talked to Horses.” Mallory is a mystery writer and amateur sleuth appearing in five novels by Max Allan Collins. Harry Stoner appears in a series of novels by Jonathan Valin. Since Jacoby is in the Crossover Universe, this crossover brings in Walker, Po, Mallory, and Stoner.

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