Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crossover Cover: The Whispering Eyes

The last original pulp adventure of the Shadow had a crossover reference to another well-known Street & Smith character. One of the Shadow's agents, reporter Clyde Burke, passes an old house in New York that dates from the 1890s, if not earlier, and is described as "the home of a celebrated detective named Nick Carter, the horse-and-buggy crime doctor of his day." Nick Carter was one of the most famous dime novel detectives, who had revivals as a hard-boiled private eye in his own pulp magazine in the '30s and as a ruthless spy in the '60s. Incidentally, Walter Gibson was head writer for a time on the Nick Carter, Master Detective radio series, which may have influenced his decision to namedrop Nick in this story. Street & Smith's comic book division also did a story where Nick Carter and the Shadow crossed paths, which I'll definitely need to check out at some point.

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