Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crossover Covers: Damned Nation

The role-playing game Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic features a top-secret government agency that investigates supernatural activities. Nick Pollotta has written a series of novels dealing with the Bureau, including Damned Nation, a prequel set eight months after the start of the Civil War (i.e., December 1861.) A Confederate monster hunter mentions that he knows Rhett Butler, whom he describes in the following manner: "Nice fellow, strange ears, bad taste in women." The "strange ears" reference evokes Clark Gable's portrayal of Rhett in the film version of Gone with the Wind. Gable was known for his prominent ears. However, there's no reason why the literary Rhett couldn't have similar hearing organs.


  1. Do you know if the original novel ever describes Rhett Butler's ears?

    It's weird how we remember the actor of an adaption over how the character is described in the original book. Humphrey Bolgart looks nothing like Sam Spade. Bogart is short and dark haired and Spade is tall and blond.

  2. I just used Amazon's "Search Inside This Book" feature to check the text of Gone with the Wind, and I didn't find any reference to the size of Rhett's ears.

  3. Well, they probably weren't described in the original novel. People rarely even notice ears.

    It's amazing how many secret agencies that police the occult exist in the CU. Then again we have three agencies charged with drug enforcement in real life: FBI, DEA, and Immigrations and Customs. That's not including the Coast Guard.