Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Crossover Cover: Nailbiter/Hack/Slash


Cassie Hack and Vlad are searching for a homicidal maniac called Mister Fatal. They meet Edward Charles Warren, who tells Cassie he and the killer are from Buckaroo, Oregon, a town which has produced fifteen serial murderers and counting. Mister Fatal seemingly falls to his death from a Ferris wheel, but no corpse is found. After Cassie and Vlad leave, Warren plans to murder Mister Fatal, who is in the trunk of his car. A few years later, Cassie receives an e-mail from Warren, who says her mother, the slasher known as the Lunch Lady, was from Buckaroo. Warren has lured her and Vlad there to be taken out by another serial killer. After they eliminate their opponent, the duo trail Warren to Riverside, California, only to find him being arrested for the so-called “Nailbiter murders.” 

Cassie Hack and Vlad of Hack/Slash fame have many ties to the CU. This crossover brings in Edward Charles Warren, the protagonist of Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson’s comic Nailbiter. An editor’s note places the latter half of this story before Hack/Slash: The Series #12.

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