Sunday, May 7, 2023

Crossover of the Week

Winter 1939


Anthony Bathurst investigates the murder of Stock Exchange operator Aubrey Coventry. Chief Inspector Andrew MacMorran says, “We may be on to something” to Bathurst, who replies, “If we go all Poirot and use our little grey cells—we shall be—undoubtedly.” Bathurst later remembers Holmes’ disparaging comments to Watson about Lecoq, and later still quotes to MacMorran Holmes’ statement about a person’s “brain-attic.” As part of his plan to trap the killer, he arranges to be a guest on a radio quiz show, along with three other detectives: Reginald Fortune, Colonel Anthony Ruthven Gethryn, and Philip Trent. 

1940 novel by Brian Flynn. Given the other crossovers, there is no reason why Bathurst’s reference to Poirot could not be to a real fellow sleuth. Holmes’ comments, including the one about Emile Gaboriau’s detective Monsieur Lecoq, are recorded in Doyle and Watson’s A Study in Scarlet. H. C. Bailey’s Reginald Fortune, Philip MacDonald’s Colonel Gethryn, and E. C. Bentley’s Philip Trent are all in the CU already.

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