Friday, May 17, 2024

Crossover TV Episode: Striker


Endeavour Morse investigates a death threat against the Oxford Wanderers’ star striker, Jack Swift. Swift’s manager has been discussing loaning him out to Fulchester United. The Wanderers’ chairman is Robert Fenner, who runs Fenner Fashions, and says he is in “the rag trade.” The town of Fulchester is originally from the TV series Crown Court, but later became the setting for many of the strips in the British adult comic magazine Viz, including “Billy the Fish,” in which the title character, the half-man, half-fish Billy Thompson, is the goalkeeper for Fulchester United. Although Billy the Fish’s exploits are too outlandish and overtly satirical to fit into the CU, we can assume that Fulchester United has a counterpart there, and that Crown Court is in. Robert Fenner must be a relative of Harold Fenner, who ran the clothing workshop Fenner’s Fashions in the TV series The Rag Trade (1961-1963; 1977-1978). In the 1970s revival, Anna Karen reprised her role of Olive Rudge from On the Buses.

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