Friday, March 28, 2014

Crossover Cover: The Hounds of Hell

This novel pits Frederick C. Davis' pulp hero the Moon Man against Paul Ernst's villain Doctor Satan, who was the subject of his own feature in Weird Tales.


  1. Was this in one of the original volumes of Crossovers or am I thinking of something else?

    Personally, I think the Avenger should go up against Doctor Satan, since they are both Paul Ernst characters.

    1. Win included this in one of the original volumes.

      That would be cool. According to the "About the Authors" page in Win and Matthew Baugh's Honey West/T.H.E. Cat novel, Matthew's writing a novel pitting the Avenger against Sun Koh, the German pulps' equivalent of Doc Savage. I'm currently reading Art Sippo's book SUN KOH, HEIR OF ATLANTIS VOL. 1, which has a few crossovers in it. I've hung out with Art at the last 3 FarmerCons. He's a great guy, and a diehard Doc Savage and Wold Newton fan. He also did an awesome afterword for Titan's edition of A FEAST UNKNOWN, which is based on a speech I was lucky enough to hear him give at the 'Con in 2011.

    2. Well, I wrote a reply to this which still hasn't appeared yet.

      It's cool that Matthew's writing an Avenger novel. How is the Sun Koh book? Since Sun Koh is essential an Nazi version of Doc Savage, I imagine it is hard to sympathize with the main character. I have been to Art Sippo's website Speculations in Bronze and enjoyed it, though.

  2. I think I accidentally deleted that one. Sorry.

    It's a pretty good book. I don't find Art's version of Sun Koh particularly sympathetic personally, but then I'm not sure he was meant to be. Even though he's a believer in Aryan superiority, he doesn't believe in certain parts of the Nazi ideology. For instance, he believes that rather than being exterminated, the Jews should serve the Aryan race, and acknowledges the scientific brilliance of Einstein. Art also has a group of other German pulp characters appearing as allies of Sun Koh. These include Jan Mayen and Alaska-Jim, who did have crossovers with Sun Koh in the original pulps, and Sturmvogel, who had a crossover with Alaska-Jim at one point. Win and Frank Schildiner have both used Sun Koh in short stories where he was portrayed as more of an outright villain.

  3. So that's what happened to my post.

    Now I wasn't accusing Art Sippo of believing Nazi ideology I was just wondering how he was portraying the character. There were a lot of Doc type supermen running around the CU. Jim Anthony and Rex Hazzard were other ones.

    I know Sun Koh had a weird origin about falling from the sky and being the last survivor from Atlantis, but I always assumed that would be Nazi propaganda.