Thursday, July 14, 2016

Crossover Cover: The Masked Marksman's Command Performance

This issue contains the storyThe Masked Marksman's Command Performance by Emile C. Tepperman. Ed Race, the Masked Marksman, puts his skills to the test to prove to the FBI agents known as the Suicide Squad (Dan Murdock, Johnny Kerrigan, and Stephen Klaw) he is not a Nazi spy, and teams up with them to prevent the real enemy agents from blowing up the train on which they are traveling. This tale crosses over Tepperman’s Masked Marksman series, which appeared in The Spider, and the Suicide Squad tales, which appeared in Ace G-Man Stories. Ed Race is in the CU through an encounter with the Spider in Rich Harvey’s story “One Death to a Customer.” Similarly, the Suicide Squad is in through a reference in Stuart Shiffman’s story “True Believers,” which features or mentions many characters already in the CU, notably the Sâr Dubnotal.


  1. It's always interesting when you find crossovers in the original pulps.

    I guessing this Suicide Squad has nothing to do with the DC Comics team created by John Ostrander and soon to have a movie, but it might be fun to speculate a link.

    I also have to wonder if Stephen Klaw is related to Moris Klaw the dream detective.

    1. The Stuart Shiffman story I referred to has a character named Maurice Klaw, who identifies himself as Stephen's brother and Moris' grandson. I guess Moris had another child besides Isis.

    2. Probably. Unless, they were Isis's children, but I don't know if they even could be.