Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Crossover Comic: The Secret of Monte Cristo


In this story in the British comic Knockout in 1949, an ex-crook brings Sexton Blake a parcel, and unknown parties kill the man and try to burgle the package from Blake’s safe. After an expert identifies the maker of the clockwork toy inside the box as the Count of Monte Cristo, Blake and Tinker foil another attempted theft, then go to Monte Cristo Island, where they meet the Count’s grandson, Edward Dantès, and his daughter Denise. Edward reveals the toy supposedly holds the secret to his grandfather’s treasure. The villain trying to get his own hands on the treasure turns out to be Edward’s half-brother Fernand. Edmond Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo, is from Alexandre Dumas’ eponymous novel, which takes place in 1815-1838. Since Edward Dantès looks to be in at least his fifties and Blake and Tinker take a plane to Monte Cristo Island, this story likely takes place in the 1910s or 1920s. Presumably, Fernard Dantès was not named after his grandfather’s bitter rival Fernand Mondego. 

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