Thursday, February 1, 2024

Crossover Cover: Watch Your Back, Mr. Minamoto


Are you a John P. Marquand fan?

Then you'll love this chapbook by Frank Schildiner, in which a mysterious Japanese man called Mr. Minamoto takes on Jack London's Assassination Bureau, Ltd.!

For more information, including the other crossovers in this chapbook, be sure to buy copy of my book Crossovers Expanded: A Secret Chronology of the World Volume 3 when Meteor House publishes it! All three volumes are AUTHORIZED companions to Win Scott Eckert's Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World Volumes 1 and 2! Incidentally, not only was this story also published by Meteor House, but it shares its cover artist, the enormously talented Keith Howell, with Crossovers Expanded!

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