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Crossover of the Week

Autumn 1942-Late Summer 1945


Appearing or mentioned are: Tintin and Milou; Quick, Flupke, and Agent 15; Grandgil, Marcel Martin, and Jambier; Buck Danny; Jérôme, Lambique, and Sidonie; Bob Fish; Ivanovitch Sakharine; Doctor Müller; Jo and Zette; Captain Francis Blake; William Ballantine; Aristide Filoselle; “Battling Jack” Murdock; Poison Ivy; Professor Tournesol; Blondin; Tif and Tondu; Tortue; Loch Lomond Scotch; the Crab with the Golden Claws; and a pilot singing “Tea for Two.”

Spirou et Fantasio one-shot by Yann and Olivier Schwartz, 2009. Tintin, Milou, Ivanovitch Sakharine, Doctor Müller, Aristide Filoselle, Professor Tournesol, Loch Lomond Scotch, and the Crab with the Golden Claws are from Hergé’s comic The Adventures of Tintin. Quick, Flupke, and Agent 15 are from the same creator’s comic Quick & Flupke. Grandgil, Marcel Martin, and Jambier are from the movie La Traversée de Paris, although these must be alternate versions of the characters, since the events of the film are transposed to Brussels, and Jambier is called Vécot. Buck Danny is the title character of Jean-Michel Charlier and Victor Hubinon’s comic book. Jérôme, Lambique, and Sidonie are from Willy Vandersteen’s comic Bob et Bobette. Bob Fish is from the titular comic book by Yves Chaland. Jo and Zette are from Hergé’s comic The Adventures of Jo, Zette, and Jocko. Captain Francis Blake is from Edgar P. Jacobs’ comic Blake and Mortimer. William Ballantine is from Henri Vernes’ Bob Morane novels. “Battling Jack” Murdock is the father of Matt Murdock, aka the Marvel Comics superhero Daredevil. Poison Ivy is from the comic book of the same name by Berthet and Yann. Blondin is from Jigé’s comic Blondin and Cirage. Tif and Tondu are from Fernand Dineur’s comic. Tortue is from Yann and Marc Hardy’s comic La Patrouille des Libelulles. The pilot singing “Tea for Two” is from the movie La Grande Vadrouille.

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