Friday, August 1, 2014

Crossover Covers: The Black Trail

This novel is part of one of the many series of westerns written by a circle of British authors dubbed "the Piccadilly Cowboys." As with many of those books, there are references to other series. In this novel, there is a reference to tales of outlaws such as Jed Herne (from John J. McLaglen's Herne the Hunter series), Edge (from novels by George G. Gilman), Jack Ryker (from Charles C. Garrett's Gunslinger books), Cuchillo Oro (from William M. James' Apache series), and Crow. Since Edge is in the CU through a couple crossovers Win included in Volume 1, Crow and the other characters are in as well. There is also a reference to an American Western film in this book. It is stated that Crow has a creed that requires killing enemies before they have a chance to kill him, “which meant he didn’t have any enemies. Like a nervy shootist named Lee once said. Lee had gotten himself killed swatting some flies away from a little village south of the border against Calveras. With Chris and a half dozen others. He’d said he had no enemies. Alive.” Lee, Calveras (originally Calvera), and Chris are from The Magnificent Seven.

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