Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crossover of the Week

May 1937
            An article by Moxie Donovan in The Daily Star says that Commissioner Weston will not discuss the so-called “Green Claw Deaths” that have occurred in recent months, and that several private criminologists have been called in, including Anton Chadeaux, aka Dr. Shadows. When Dr. Shadows began fighting crime, he thought Clark Savage’s whole attitude toward publicity for himself was missing a chance to reach many more people. Traveling to the Philippines, Dr. Shadows and his comrade Slugger Harris have lunch with a detective acquaintance, Jo Gar, who gets them tickets to a baseball game. Dr. Shadows, using a device to short out the lights in his foe the White Tiger’s headquarters, hopes that Mr. Roberts is the electrical whiz he says he is. He later states that George Chance, Ardini, or Dr. Pali could outdo a trick performed by the White Tiger, but it did have a flawless setup and execution. Dr. Shadows speculates that maybe in time Andy Mayfair or his boss will find a way to synthesize clay used by the White Tiger as an explosive, so that it can be used instead against the Japanese.
            Short story by Teel James Glenn in Shadows of New York: The Mysterious Adventures of Dr. Shadows,, 2011. Daily Star reporter Moxie Donovan has been featured in two short story collections by Glenn, Deadline Zombies: The Adventures of Maxi and Moxie and Headline Ghouls: The Further Adventures of Maxi and Moxie. Commissioner Ralph Weston is from the Shadow novels. Electrical expert Major Thomas J. “Long Tom” Roberts is one of Clark “Doc” Savage’s five aides, as is Lt. Col. Andrew Blodgett “Monk” Mayfair. Spanish-Filipino detective Jo Gar appeared in stories by “Ramon Decolta” (Raoul Whitfield) in Black Mask. George Chance is the alter ego of G.T. Fleming-Roberts’ pulp hero the Ghost (aka the Green Ghost.) Ardini is a magician-cum-detective who appears in Walter Gibson’s novel A Blonde for Murder. Dr. Pali is a false identity assumed by “Richard Foster’s” (Kendell Crossen) pulp hero the Green Lama.


  1. Is this Jo Gar's first connection to the CU? He's been mentioned in various Wold Newton essays, but I think this is his first crossover.

  2. I believe it is. I haven't come across any other crossover references to him.

  3. Another great find, Sean! Actually, a whole series of great finds in one story, it seems :-)