Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crossover Covers: Brideshead Revisited

As those who've read Win's original volumes know, Evelyn Waugh's novel Decline and Fall takes place in the CU. Many of Waugh's novels and stories are connected by recurring characters, and therefore I have written them up for the new volumes, including this one. Sebastian Flyte visits a nightclub on Sink Street called the Old Hundredth. The Anchorage, Chasm, and Vanbrugh families do not attend Rex Mottram’s wedding to Lady Julia Flyte. “Sammy” Samgrass gets a job at The Daily Beast, working for Lord Copper. A woman named Margot holds a luncheon party for Charles Ryder’s exhibition upon his return from South America. The Old Hundredth first appeared in Waugh’s novel A Handful of Dust. Lady Anchorage and Lady Chasm appear or are mentioned in several works by Waugh, beginning with Vile Bodies. Lady Vanbrugh is from Waugh’s first novel, Decline and Fall. The Daily Beast and its publisher, Lord Copper, are from Scoop. Margot is Margot Metroland, a recurring character in Waugh’s fiction beginning with Decline and Fall.

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