Saturday, March 9, 2024

Crossover TV Episode: Scherzo

In this episode of Endeavour, Joe North is an employee of Speedee Cabs, one of whose customers is Mr. Benn of 52 Festive Avenue. A driver from the Noglea School of Motoring appears, and Paradise Court nudist camp is seen. Window cleaner Lee Timothy also appears.  Joe North is the title character of the movie Adventures of a Taxi Driver. Speedee Cabs is from the movie Carry on Cabby. Paradise Court is likely part of a chain that also contains the Paradise nudist camp from Carry on Camping. Mr. Benn is from David McKee’s children’s books. The Noglea School of Motoring is from the movie Confessions of a Driving Instructor. “Lee Timothy” must really be the protagonist of the Confessions films, Timothy “Timmy” Lea. Lee Timothy’s birthdate is October 12, 1950, the same as the actor who played Timmy Lea, Robin Askwith. The first film was Confessions of a Window Cleaner.

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