Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crossover Cover: Avengelyne/Pandora

Rob Liefeld and Cathy Christian's character Avengelyne appeared in a few crossovers listed in the first two volumes. In this story, which will be in the new volumes, she teams up with William A. Christensen's character Pandora. Pandora also had a crossover with Everette Hartsoe's character Razor, who is already in the CU, but I haven't read or written up that particular crossover yet.


  1. Yesterday, you posted the cover of an Evelyn Waugh novel and today you posted a Rob Liefled comic cover.

    That's two very different things.

  2. Good point! Rob Liefeld is certainly no Evelyn Waugh.

  3. I like how Avenglyne's (she's the red head right?) body looks nothing you'd see on a human being. Her spine should snap like that.