Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crossover of the Week

October 1983
            Miles Jacoby travels to Tampa, Florida to search for a wealthy man’s wife. Jacoby refers a case to Nick Delvecchio in Brooklyn while he’s gone. A Boston P.I. who used to be a professional fighter like Jacoby is mentioned. Fred Carver puts Jacoby in touch with Lt. Alfonso DeSoto.
            Novel by Miles Jacoby, edited by Robert J. Randisi, 1993. Nick Delvecchio is the subject of another series of detective novels and stories by Randisi. The professional fighter turned Boston P.I. is Robert B. Parker’s Spenser. Florida-based private eye Fred Carver appears in a series of novels by John Lutz. Lt. DeSoto is one of Carver’s best friends.


  1. These Miles Jacoby novels appear a lot as Crossover of the Weeks. Randisi must really like to make shout outs to other PI writers.

  2. He certainly seems to! I'm reading the sixth and final Jacoby novel right now, Stand-Up. Besides another Delvecchio appearance, Randisi's series P.I. Henry Po (who appeared or was mentioned in two other Jacoby books) gets name-dropped, Les Roberts' L.A. actor and P.I. Saxon appears, and there's also a reference to Catharine Dain's female private eye Freddie O'Neal. I read a post on a Google Groups message board where Randisi said that he always gets permission from the authors before using their characters.

  3. It's a good that he gets permission. Philip Jose Farmer made sure to get permission from the Conan Doyle's estate for Sherlock Holmes appearance in the Peerless Peer even though Holmes is in the public domain.

    Which you probably knew. I mention it in that it's nice to be considerate of others.

  4. I was trying to work out where else I knew the name Delvecchio from. Turned out I was thinking of Ray Vecchio, from the TV show 'Due South'.