Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crossover Covers: Sisters of the Shadows: The Cagliostro Curse

This collection of stories by my good friend, the brilliant Rick Lai, describes the feud between Joséphine Balsamo (one of Arsène Lupin's greatest foes) and Irina Putine (an alias for Irene Tupin from the Spanish horror film La Residencia, here portrayed as Lupin's half-sister.) The book is a mixture of revisions of previously published stories with brand-new tales. As one might expect, the stories are filled with crossovers. Win (who wrote the foreword) included the original versions of the reprinted and revised stories in the first two volumes, and I will be including the new stories in Volume 3. You can read my review of the book at this link. I highly recommend this, and all of Rick's work!

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