Saturday, June 7, 2014

Crossover Cover: Vampirella vs. the Eudaemon

In this story, Vampirella goes undercover at a sex club in Amsterdam, where the Eudaemon and his buddy Ed are tracking the same evil Vampi sensed. Vampi and the Eudaemon do battle, until the latter's foe Mördare begins a destructive rampage. The Eudaemon, who had his own miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics, was created by a writer/artist who went simply by the name Nelson. He is Bobby Formazzo, the son of a benevolent demon, who can transform into a massive magenta-skinned creature to fight the ruthless demon Mördare. Since Vampirella is firmly in the Crossover Universe, this story brings in the Eudaemon.

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  1. This would be the second good demon character published by Darkhorse Comics to be in the CU. The other being Hellboy. Actually, I'm not sure which once was first since they seemed to have been created around the same time.