Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crossover Cover: Doctor Sleep

Dan Torrance, now middle-aged, helps a young girl named Abra Stone, who has the shining, battle a group of psychic vampires called the True Knot. Dan remembers Dick Hallorann mentioning a man named Charlie Manx, who steals children. There are references to Castle Rock, Gates Falls, and Inside View. The True Knot have sheltered in places like Jerusalem’s Lot and Sidewinder. The True Knot use a computer program called Whirl 360 to locate Abra’s neighborhood. The battle with the True Knot comes to a head outside Sidewinder, Colorado, where the Overlook Hotel once stood. Dan Torrance; “the shining”; Dick Hallorann; Sidewinder, Colorado; and the Overlook Hotel are all from King’s novel The Shining. Charlie Manx is from Joe Hill’s novel NOS4A2. Castle Rock and Jerusalem’s Lot are recurring settings in King’s work. Gates Falls is the setting of King’s story “Graveyard Shift.” The tabloid Inside View appears or is mentioned in a number of King’s works, such as The Dead Zone, Insomnia, and Bag of Bones. Whirl 360 is from Linwood Barclay’s novel Trust Your Eyes.

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  1. I seem to remember that according to Wikipedia the True Knot where the same creatures from King's film Sleepwalkers

    However, neither the Doctor Sleep entry or the one for the movie mentions it and reading the description from the movie they sound different then the ones from Doctor Sleep. Given it's Wikipedia I assume this was an inaccuracy that was corrected. Unless, I simply imagined the whole thing.