Monday, February 16, 2015

Crossovers: Butchers of Eden

Niles Barrabas recalls a meeting with John Macklin Bolan in Vietnam. John Macklin Bolan is meant to be Mack Bolan of the Executioner series, although his actual full name is Mack Samuel Bolan. This meeting seems to be separate from the one seen in the story "Incident at Hoi Binh," included in The Executioner #63: The New War Book, 1984.


  1. Yep someone at Gold Eagle screwed up in the Gold Eagle Executioners Mack Bolan has been given the new identity of John Macklin Phoenix (which is why he has a team Phoenix Force)

  2. You know to me the name John Macklin Phoenix always seemed outrageously fake. I mean are they any people in the real world named Phoenix?

  3. Well, Joaquin Phoenix and his late brother River's actual surname is Bottom. Honestly, I would probably prefer the name "Phoenix" to "Bottom" too.

    1. Well, I would prefer Phoenix over Bottom, too. It's just Phoenix just seems like such a fake name to me. I'd never choose it as an alias because it sounds made up.

      "Hi, I'm John Macklin Phoenix and I'm most certainly not an agent of a secret organization"

      Of course, the later books had Bolan use more realistic alias.