Friday, April 17, 2015

Crossover Cover: The Footprints on the Ceiling

New York magician and amateur sleuth Merlini is told by Inspector Gavigan, “…All the amateur dicks in town are gunning for your job. When the papers hit the streets, all hell broke loose at headquarters. Philo Vance has been crowding his friend, the D.A. He wants to kick this case around. Says it's right up his bloomin' alley, don't you know. Ellery Queen's campaigning to get his old man assigned to it so he can get a look see, and Malloy says that awhile ago he saw Archie Goodwin circling the island in a speedboat, looking the situation over. Nero Wolfe's seen that mention of the eight million bucks.” Merlini is already in the CU, and the references to Vance, Queen, and Wolfe and Goodwin reinforce his inclusion.

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