Monday, November 2, 2015

Crossover Cover: Deeper

Captain Joe Bierden takes a research team, including parapsychologists Jacob and Mary Parsons, to the town of Golden Cove to embark upon a month-long diving expedition, only to encounter the Deep Ones and ghostly pirates. Joe’s wife is from Black Stone Bay. Golden Cove is allegedly built on the site where Innsmouth, which allegedly was completely demolished by the FBI in their raid on the town, once stood. Since Innsmouth is shown as still existing after the events of Lovecraft’s story in several accounts, this must be considered fictionalization in order to maintain CU continuity. More likely, Golden Cove is actually a neighboring town to Innsmouth, since many of its citizens possess “the Innsmouth look.” Jacob and Mary Parsons first appeared in The Pack, the second novel in Moore’s Serenity Falls Trilogy; the trilogy's protagonist, Jonathan Crowley, is in the CU through other crossovers. Black Stone Bay is the setting of Moore’s novels Blood Red and Blood Harvest.

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  1. At first I thought it said Captain Joe Biden. I imagined the gaffe prone Vice-President to be fighting the Deep Ones!