Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crossover Cover: Fortunehead!

The 50th and final issue of the DC Comics series Secret Origins featured the origin stories of several DC heroes, including the Western hero Johnny Thunder (not to be confused with the Justice Society member of the same name.) In this story, Johnny rescues his father, Sheriff Bill Tane, from a criminal named Rand. A flashback shows Johnny preventing a bank robbery as Rand rides into town. Rand asks a witness who the hero is; the man begins telling a story of a group of Texas Rangers who were massacred. The only survivor swore a vow. Another bystander contradicts him, saying Thunder “wasn’t thet guy.” As this discussion takes place, an image of a masked cowboy clad in blue and wearing a badge is shown. The bystander has confused Johnny Thunder with his fellow lawman, the Lone Ranger. Presumably, he has heard rumors of the Ranger’s origins.

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