Friday, April 1, 2016

Crossover Cover: The Difference a Day Makes

John Taylor and Dead Boy help an ordinary woman figure out why and how she came to be in the Nightside, and also try to reunite her with her husband. Appearing or mentioned are: the Maltese Falcon (from Dashiell Hammett’s private eye novel of the same name); Something from a Black Lagoon (a reference to the Universal horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon); one of Frankenstein’s female creations (from Mary Shelley's novels and its various sequels and adaptations); knockoff Hyde formula (from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde); a lipstick-red Plymouth Fury with a dead man grinning at the wheel (the titular car from Stephen King’s novel Christine); a great black beauty of a car, driven by an Oriental in black leathers, and a man in the back in a green face mask and a snap-brimmed hat (the Green Hornet and Kato, with this particular pair probably being Paul Reid and Kono Kato, who began working together in 1993); and worms from the earth (a reference to Robert E. Howard’s Bran Mak Morn story “Worms of the Earth.”)

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  1. The Nightside being what it is it could be any Green Hornet past, present, or alternative universe. Though, I agree, the 93 NOW comics seems most probable. (The NOW comics is referenced on the last season of Venture Bros. where the super-villain the Monarch is the son of a vigilante known as the Blue Morpho.)

    I've been trying to figure out who the characters on the second volume of Crossovers Expanded are based on. (You couldn't use the actual characters without licensing them, of course.) I think the black guy is based on Derrick Ferguson's Dillon and the woman on Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash. I don't know about the rest.