Friday, April 8, 2016

Crossover Cover: The Shut Room

In this story by Henry S. Whitehead, his series character Gerald Canevin and his friend Lord Carruth investigate a room haunted by a highwayman who died there. Carruth mentions a “parallel case” that happened years earlier in Britain. Canevin realizes the case is that of a court jester who haunted the room in which he died, and mentions the case was recorded by William Hope Hodgson in Carnacki the Ghost-Finder. Carruth and Canevin’s comments treat the events of Hodgson’s Carnacki tale “The Whistling Room” as a real occurrence. Canevin is an American writer from a Virginia family who travels the Caribbean, where he keeps encountering Voodoo manifestations and ghosts. This crossover brings him into the CU.


  1. You know I think Weird Tales may have published more stories in the CU than any other magazine

    1. I imagine the correspondence between WT writers like Lovecraft, Howard, et al is the reason. Since Lovecraft's work is in the CU and Lovecraft encourage others to use elements from his fiction it made everything interconnected.

      This is a bit unusual since it references Carnaki and not the Cthulhu Mythos.

      What's really unusual is how influential the magazine was since it was little known at the time.

    2. Not to mention Seabury Quinn including references to Manly Wade Wellman's characters in the Jules de Grandin stories, and Wellman in turn referencing de Grandin in his own stories.

  2. Also Conan,Kull, Solomon Kane, Jirel of Jory and others