Monday, April 18, 2016

Crossover Cover: Infernal Night

This story is available in the all-crossover print anthology FaceOff, as well as a separate e-book. Private investigator Michael Quinn and urban mercenary Repairman Jack cross paths when Jack is hired by the wealthy Jules Chastain to retrieve an ancient ring from his family mausoleum, which he is afraid to go into himself lest he suffer the wrath of Madame de Medici, the ring’s previous owner. Madame de Medici is a recurring character of Sax Rohmer’s, appearing in “The Key to the Temple of Heaven,” “The Black Mandarin,” and “The Treasure of Taia.” Since Wilson's character Repairman Jack and Madame de Medici are in the CU, this crossover brings in Graham’s Michael Quinn, a private eye who works with curio shop owner Danni Cafferty in acquiring and, when necessary, destroying powerful artifacts.


  1. The first Repairman Jack novel was really a modern Yellow Peril novel. Being modern, the bad guy was less evil because he was from Asia (India) and more an evil guy who just happened to be from Asia.

    I enjoy most of Sax Rohmer's work I've read, but it can certainly be uncomfortable to a modern reader.

  2. I'm delighted that someone recognized Madame de Medici. I thought she would slips past every one except experts like Rick Lai and members of the Rohmer Society.