Monday, May 26, 2014

Crossover Cover: The Game

In this novel, Sherlock Holmes and his much younger wife and apprentice, Mary Russell Holmes, are assigned by Sherlock's brother Mycroft to travel to India to search for the missing British agent Kimball O'Hara. O'Hara is the title character of Rudyard Kipling's novel Kim. (As a side note, according to Kipling, Kim's father was a member of a fictional Irish regiment in Afghanistan called the Mavericks. Another Kipling story, "The Mutiny of the Mavericks," describes an Irish revolutionary's ultimately unsuccessful attempt to stir the regiment into mutinying. Therefore, "The Mutiny of the Mavericks" will be in the new volumes.)


  1. Was this in the original Crossover or am I thinking of something else?

  2. The ongoing comments about whether or not certain crossover entries were in Vol 1 or 2 make this blog look like a lonesome place for books that have one forgetful fan who may or may not have read the prior books. :-) Of course that's not the case, as the books have sold quite well and have many readers, despite the light traffic on this blog. Sean and I will brainstorm about how to increase the blog traffic here. :-)

  3. I have a hard time remembering everything in Crossovers since there's so many things to remember.

    But yeah more traffic would be nice.