Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crossover Cover: Lai Wan: Tales of the Dreamwalker

The late C.J. Henderson wrote several stories about a female Chinese psychometrist named Lai Wan, who first debuted in his Teddy London stories, which are in the CU. This collection featuring the character includes four stories co-written with other authors, in which Lai Wan is teamed with those authors' characters. "Family Ties" is co-written by Patrick Thomas, and has Agent Karver and his partner Mandi Cobb of Thomas' Department of Mystic Affairs enlisting Lai Wan's aid in tracking down Mandi's kidnapped nephew. The Department of Mystic Affairs tales are a spin-off of Thomas' Murphy's Lore series, and he has done several other spin-off books for characters from that series. "Innocent Monsters" teams Lai Wan with John L. French's Baltimore police detective Bianca Jones, who regularly runs into the supernatural (I did a Crossover of the Week post about Bianca's origin story, "Out of the Blackness," a while ago.) Henderson and Bruce Gehweiler's "One Night in Chinatown" has Lai Wan working with former Sheriff Donna Fargo, who now works for Doctors Blakely and Boles, supernatural experts appearing in a series of stories by Henderson and Gehweiler that are collected in the book Where Angels Fear. Finally, John Sunseri and Henderson's "Not What One Does" has Lai Wan and Sunseri's NSA agent Jack Dixon battling a shoggoth.


  1. I believe Blakely and Boles were mentioned in the Kolchak novel Henderson wrote. I'm not sure though since I read the book a long time ago and don't have it anymore to check.

  2. Yep, THE LOST WORLD. I read that one recently myself.