Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crossover Movie Poster: Hollywood Boulevard

Talent agent Walter Paisley appears in this film about sleazy movie studio Miracle Pictures. Paisley is played by Dick Miller, who earlier played a busboy turned murderous sculptor of that name in Roger Corman’s 1959 film A Bucket of Blood. Walter apparently committed suicide at the end of A Bucket of Blood, but given this and other film appearances by Miller as Walter Paisley, it seems obvious he must have staged his own death. One of those films is The Howling, where he was the owner of an occult bookstore. Since The Howling takes place in the CU, so too do Walter Paisley’s other appearances. Given that he has a different occupation every time he appears, Walter’s fugitive status likely requires him to change jobs frequently.


  1. Has anyone made a timeline for this character?

    1. Rat, I guess I'll have to buy Crossovers Expanded to find out.