Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Crossover Covers: 32 Cadillacs/Drowned Hopes

These two novels show the same scene from different points of view, in which members of the Dan Kearny and Associates (DKA) agency repossess a Cadillac stolen by John Dortmunder and his gang of thieves. Since DKA is in the CU through Kearny's encounter with the ghost of the Continental Op, so is Dortmunder.

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  1. What was funny about the meeting of the two characters was that Dortmunder and his gang were a lot more understanding of the repossession than the repo man is used to. It freaks him out.

    32 Cadillacs was based on a real incident where a group of Romany stole around 32 Cadillacs. Joe Gores was part of the repo/private investigation company that was called in. When he mention he was working on a novel about this to Westlake, Westlake was so amused that he came up with the crossover idea.