Friday, February 26, 2016

Crossover Cover: Something's Fishy

Cassie Hack faces off with Mary Shelley Lovecraft, who compares her to “that red devil boy with the tail” and claims she’s “compelling, though maybe not so well loved as the Summers girl,” referring to Hellboy and Buffy, respectively.


  1. You know, I wonder why Dark Horse comics hasn't done a Buffy/Hellboy crossover. You'd think that it would be a natural. I mean Dark Horse was the first who crossed over Predator and Aliens.

    Maybe set it during Buffy's High School years with Hellboy still working for the BPRD?

    1. There weren't any full-fledged crossovers, but Hellboy has had a few cameos in Buffy comics:

      The character in Queen of Hearts appears to be a human who just resembles Hellboy somewhat, plus Drusilla kills him, so that one doesn't count as a crossover. Win included City of Despair in the original Crossovers.

    2. I remember City of Despair now that you mention it.

      Still, it seems weird that Dark Horse has not done a full fledged crossover. Of course, DH does not actually own either character so that might be it.