Friday, February 5, 2016

Crossover Covers: Teen Titans - Ghost

The Mystery, Inc. gang meet the version of the DC comics superteam the Teen Titans seen in the cartoon Teen Titans Go!, initially investigating a seeming haunting at Titans Tower, then helping the Titans get rid of Raven’s uncle Myron the Mildly Irritating. Per Win's rules about generally not including superhero teams in the CU, I'm treating this story as an AU.


  1. This story's exclusion will be a sigh of relief for many fans of the original TT show.

    Considering the later show's inconsistent continuity, I doubt the two shows are even connected anyhow.

    1. Agreed I dislike Teen Titans Go intensely.

    2. Personally, I never really liked either show. (Though Go! is the one I really hate. It annoys me they cancelled Young Justice, but kept this.) I did enjoy the little of Wolfman/Perez comics that the series was based on.

      Personally, I assume that any DC or Marvel adaption is an AU.

    3. Yeah, I've seen a few minutes here and there of Teen Titans Go!, and it's pretty awful.

  2. The characters from TEEN TITANS GO! also liked the original cartoon better. There was an episode in which one of their foes threatens to reboot them and proves he can do it by showing them clips from the old cartoon, which they can't believe was ever canceled in favor what what they have now.