Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crossover Cover: Tangled June

Dave Garrett, a disbarred lawyer turned private investigator in Philadelphia, contacts a fellow P.I. named Saxon to do some background work on a case. Les Roberts’ actor and private eye Saxon is in the CU through Robert Randisi’s Miles Jacoby novel Stand-Up. This crossover brings in Neil Albert's eye Dave Garrett.


  1. I wonder if Dave Garret is related to DAN Garret the original Blue Beetle. Is the original Blue Beetle in the CU?

  2. None that I'm aware of. Some of the other Fox Features Syndicate characters are in (the Black Fury, U. S. Jones, and Dr. Mortal via Hack/Slash, and Navy Jones through his meetings with Captain Nemo), but I'm not aware of any links to the Blue Beetle himself.