Friday, March 6, 2015

Crossover Cover: Lifeblood

Jack Fleming, a vampire P.I. in Chicago, meets fanatical vampire hunter James Braxton, who possesses a copy of the Necronomicon. The appearance of Lovecraft’s Necronomicon places Jack Fleming in the CU. All of Elrod’s vampire series are set in the same universe. Fleming was bitten by Maureen Dumont, who was herself turned by the title character of Elrod’s Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire series, who met Lucie Manette and a young Percy Blakeney in Elrod’s story “Death in Dover.” Barrett was himself turned by Nora Jones, who also turned Quincey Morris, as seen in Elrod’s novel Quincey Morris, Vampire, a sequel to Stoker’s Dracula that has already been included in the CU via a reference to Colonel Sebastian Moran. Quincey Morris, Vampire also has an appearance by Lord Richard d’Orleans from Elrod and Nigel Bennett’s Ethical Vampires series.


  1. So Jonathan Barrett was turned by Norah Jones, the Jazz singer? I did not realize she was a vampire.

    I always wondered about P. N. Elrod's stuff. Does anybody know if Elrod's stuff is any good?

    Nowadays, I tend to role my eye at vampire books so I never picked one of his up. But that is really the fought of Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer than anything to do with vampires themselves.

  2. Jack Fleming's a P.I. in Chicago? I wonder why he never crosses paths with Harry Dresden. :-P

  3. Probably because I forgot to mention that the Fleming books take place in the 1930s.