Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crossover Cover: Operation: Silver Moon

In July 1943, Tom Lupis, a werewolf agent of the U.S. War Department, teams with the vampire lord Vlas to prevent the Nazis from using an orb they have discovered to unleash the monstrous Army of the Black Death to spread havoc. General Heinrich Krieger says to Professor Hans Steir, the archaeologist who unearthed the orb, “This toy you’ve discovered may very well be the most powerful weapon known to man. Perhaps even more than that Jewish ark that was lost to us a few years ago. This artifact is the key to our total victory.” Krieger is clearly referring to the events of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, bringing this graphic novel into the CU. An air strike on the valley where the Army is located is led by a pilot who refers to his men as Rangers. The pilots are Lance Star and his Sky Rangers, Canadian pulp characters who have been revived in the modern day by Nash and others. (Thanks to Bobby Nash for pointing this out to me.)


  1. Thank you, Bobby. I have just edited the post to include that info, which I didn't catch when I read it, though I really should have.

    1. No worries. We were a little sly with it. :)