Monday, May 11, 2015

Crossover Cover: The Birthing of That Which Was

Tourists traveling up the Amazon River book a trip on a riverboat called the Rita, which is from the Creature from the Black Lagoon films.


  1. About when does this take place? Because the Rita must have been around for a long time if it's anywhere near the present.

    Mind you, boats (like guns) don't really become obsolete very quickly. Unlike, say computers.

  2. It was published in 1991, but it takes place in 1988.

  3. So the boat is still around in roughly 34 years, which is not really that odd.

    I've always wondered what the Creatures link to the Deep Ones of Innsmouth and Abe Sapien of the BPRD is. Is the Creature a Deep One? Is Abe a Deep One? (Well, Abe's origin is given in the comics, but I wonder if it's different in the CU.)

    There is NO link to the manga/anime Black Lagoon since the only thing it has in common are the words Black Lagoon and the fact it has a boat in it.

  4. No real comments, but this is interesting