Friday, May 29, 2015

Crossover Cover: Dillon and the Voice of Odin

Dillon battles the evil Odin, who is using a sonic device to menace the world. Dillon, whose catamaran is called the Copperfin, drinks a can of Tenku Beer. Double-O agents are mentioned in a flashback, and British Secret Service agent Gregory Tipp has an office on the tenth floor of the Transworld Consortium building, which is an elaborate front for the Service itself. At the headquarters of Odin’s ally Dr. Numby, Dillon admires swords handcrafted by Domingo Montoya, one of the greatest swordcrafters who ever lived. The president of the United States meets with Doctor Michael Cadwallander, Director of Special Projects for the Henderson Institute of Alternative Technologies, and Milo Dane, head of the Omega Elite, the U.S. government’s ultimate “dirty tricks” department. Dillon’s friend Eli Creed drinks Old Dusseldorf beer. Dillon’s catamaran is named after the U.S.S. Copperfin submarine seen in the film Destination Tokyo. Tenku Beer is from the film Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Double-O agents and Transworld Consortium are from Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. Domingo Montoya is the father of Inigo Montoya, one of the main characters of William Goldman’s novel The Princess Bride. The Henderson Institute of Alternative Technologies is run by Dr. Sylvester Henderson, whose brother Mongrel has appeared in stories by Ferguson for Airship 27 Productions’ Mystery Men (& Women) anthology series. Omega Elite has been mentioned in several of Ferguson’s stories. Old Dusseldorf beer is from the television series Magnum, P.I.

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