Monday, June 15, 2015

Crossover Cover: Creep, Shadow, Creep!

Dr. Alan Caranac battles the evil sorcerer Rene de Keradel and his daughter Dahut, who was Caranac’s lover in their past lives in ancient Ys. Dr. Austin Lowell aids Caranac in his conflict with the de Keradels. De Karadel refers to Khalk-ru the Kraken God of the Uighurs. Alan Caranac also appears in Merritt’s story “The Drone.” Dr. Lowell first appeared in Merritt’s novel Burn, Witch, Burn!, and is also mentioned in James Ambuehl and Simon Bucher-Jones’ Anton Zarnak story “The Case of the Curiously Competent Conjurer.” Khalk-ru (or Khalk’ru) is from Merritt’s novel The Dwellers in the Mirage.


  1. Merritt's "The Drone" was mentioned in either Crossover I or II, if I remember correctly.

    I wonder if Khalk-ru the Kraken God could in fact be the Great Cthulhu?

  2. I love seeing Merrit's works brought in I hope someday to see Seven Footprints to Satan included

    1. I haven't read much of Merritt but I've always meant. Do you have any suggestions where to start?

      I do remember reading a editorial in Asimov's Science Fiction by Robert Silverburg about Merritt where he bemoans him for being more or less forgotten.

  3. Merrit's works are certainly worth searching out Seven Footprints to Satan is a stand alone book as Dwellers in the Mirage, The Face in the Abyss and the Ship of Ishtar(widely regarded as his best book) Burn, Witch, Burn has a sequel Creep, Shadow and The Moon Pool and the Metal Monster go together then there is The Fox Woman is a collection of short stories He also wrote two collaborations with Hannes Bok Beyond the Silver Stair and the Black Wheel