Sunday, June 14, 2015

Crossover of the Week

            Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger battle an alien creature that literally hunts humans. It is stated that Holmes “knew more about human speech than any man in London, except, perhaps, old Higgens, of course…”
            Short story by Ralph E. Vaughan in The Great Detective: His Further Adventures, Gary Lovisi, ed., Wildside Press, 2013. The Night Hunter is a member of the alien race seen in the Predator film series. The Predators have had crossovers with a number of other properties; only those involving characters that have already been established as existing in the CU are included here. “Old Higgens” is a reference to Professor Henry Higgins from George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, adapted as the musical My Fair Lady.


  1. Sherlock Holmes and the Predator are two of the most crossed over properties in history, so it's natural that they would meet. The fact that Predator crossovers are so common is interesting since the Predator, unlike Holmes, is not in the public domain. Is there any connection between this story and the Dark Horse comic book series in the first volume of Crossovers that had Mycroft Holmes and The Diogenes Club? I believe that one happened before this one.

    It makes sense that Predator's don't bring in every property they appear in. I mean humanity exists in seemingly every alternate universe, why can't the predators? I do have wonder about different universes which have radically different species. The Kzin originally came from Larry Niven's Know Space series, but they also appeared in the Star Trek the Animated Series. So they both exist in Known Space and the Trek Universe (at least the version used in crossovers since Roddenberry did not consider the animate serie canon,) but I have to wonder why are they no Klingons in Known Space?

  2. There aren't any references to Predator: Nemesis in the story, so I assume it's an example of great minds thinking alike.

  3. Probably. People seem to just like crossing Predator with other works. Which is why there's a comic in which the Predator hunts down Archie Andrews in Riverdale.