Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crossover Cover: Fighting Alaska

At the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, boxer Jean St. Vrain and his friend Pete Lally argue over Pete’s idea of heading to Nome, Alaska to take over a gold claim, causing the Hotel’s elderly owner to intervene. The owner of the Hotel is Paladin from the radio and television series Have Gun – Will Travel, who apparently took over the Hotel after merely being a permanent resident there in both series’ original runs. The book takes place in 1900.


  1. I wonder if the author Jack Tunney is any relation to fighter Gene Tunney

    1. Actually, "Jack Tunney" is a pen name used for the Fight Card books that combines Gene Tunney's name with that of Jack Dempsey. The real name of the author of this particular book is Duane Spurlock.

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    1. For even more info on the FIGHT CARD series: