Friday, June 19, 2015

Crossover Covers: Reborn

Illyria, the fallen Old One, is recruited by the Hierarchy of Bete Noir, the secret City that Shapes the World, to destroy Liandra, the Fallen Angel and the city’s “court of last resort.” The Hierarchy is mentioned to be the oldest client of the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart. Illyria and Liandra fight, but end up forming an uneasy alliance as they are mystically transported around the world and finally to a post-apocalyptic future before returning to Bete Noir in the present. This crossover links Peter David’s Fallen Angel comic series to Illyria and Wolfram & Hart from the TV series Angel, and thus to the CU. Since time flows differently within Bete Noir than it does in the rest of the world, dating within the Fallen Angel series can be difficult; however, using Illyria’s perspective, this crossover happens a few days after the Angel episode “Time Bomb.”


  1. Did this one appear in Crossover Vol. II or am I thinking of another crossover with Fallen Angel?

    I enjoyed the comic when it first came out from DC, but after it switched over to IDW and had a time skip I lost interest.

  2. I don't remember any issues of Fallen Angel being in Vol. II, but I'll double check.

  3. I seem to remember this crossover in Vol. II, but I could be confused. I also seem to remember a crossover with Shi.

    I don't have a personal copy of Crossovers because I had my library order it instead of buying myself. I may check when I have a chance to get down there, but that will not be for a few days.