Friday, September 11, 2015

Crossover Cover: Captain Midnight Chronicles

This anthology of new stories of the classic radio hero contains three stories with crossovers. In "Captain Midnight at Ultima Thule" by my illustrious predecessor Win Scott Eckert, who included it in the original Crossovers volumes, the Captain battles the German pulp hero Sun Koh. The story subtly ties Sun Koh to Farmer's Ancient Opar series, among other crossovers. Two other stories with crossovers will be in the new volumes. In Trina Robbins' "Death Master of the Secret Island," Captain Midnight and Chuck Ramsey travel to a remote island to rescue a Swedish nuclear physicist who has been kidnapped by Midnight’s archnemesis Ivan Shark and his daughter Fury. The Captain speculates the lost race that built the statues on the island may have been early representatives of the cult of Cthulhu. The other story is "Captain Midnight Meets Airboy," which is fairly self-descriptive.


  1. Do the Captain Midnight comics from Dark Horse fit into the CU, or are they an AU (I've never read them)?

  2. They're an AU, in my opinion, since they involve the Captain returning in the 21st century after being trapped in the Bermuda Triangle during World War II. He has not aged since then. This version of the Captain is based on the Fawcett Comics series. The Captain Midnight radio show began 1938 and ended in 1949. Therefore, the radio version of the Captain, which is the version that is in the CU, was still active after the war. Furthermore, Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.’s story “Any You Walk Away From,” a crossover with Sky King that Win included in the original volumes, has the Captain active in 1971.

    1. That makes sense. It's a little disappointing that so many of the recent comics featuring classic pulp-style characters are AUs, though. :-(

  3. Agreed I would live to see new stories of Captsin Midnight, the Green Hornet, et al, set in WWII that are consistent with the original stories from radio and the comics and pulps