Monday, September 21, 2015

Crossover of the Week

Here's a belated Crossover of the Week post, since I forgot to do one yesterday.


Young John Reid rescues and befriends a Potawatomi boy named Tonto. Ben Reid, John’s father, is a member of the Texas Rangers alongside Al King, Bobby Stuart, and Jake Cutter. A man named Favor appears. Tonto honed his tracking skills under a Kickapoo scout who often worked for the Rangers. Over a decade later, a grown Tonto comes to the aid of John Reid, now a Ranger himself, who has been wounded and his comrades killed in an ambush at Bryant’s Gap.
Short story by Matthew Baugh in The Lone Ranger Chronicles, Matthew Baugh and Tim Lasiuta, eds., Moonstone Books, 2012. This story recounts the first meeting between John Reid, the future Lone Ranger, and his faithful companion Tonto. Al King is a reference to Allen King, the Ranger’s alter ego in the 1938 film serial The Lone Ranger; obviously, the CU version of King is a distinct individual from the Ranger. Bobby (or Bob) Stuart is also from The Lone Ranger serial. Texas Ranger Jake Cutter is from Paul Wellman’s Western novel The Comancheros, and was played by John Wayne in the 1961 film version. Favor is Gil Favor, the trail boss from the television series Rawhide. The Kickapoo scout is Famous Shoes from Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove novels.


  1. I love that the Cimancheros is in.How many John Wayne films are in now? I know of Hondo, Stagecoach, True Grit, Rooster Cogburn, anything else?

  2. Besides the ones you listed, there are also the following:

    - The Three Mesquiteers movies (Wayne's character, Stony Brooke, appears in John Allen Small's story "Rite of Passage," which Win included in the original volumes; the Mesquiteers also appear in Stuart Shiffman's Doctor Omega story "The Last Roundup")

    - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Nathan Brittles is mentioned in a couple of the books in John J. McLaglen's Herne the Hunter series, which also refer to George G. Gilman's character Edge; Win included one of the Edge books in the original Crossovers volumes)

    - The Searchers (Ethan Edwards and Mart Pauley appear in Blood Debt, one of the books in James A. Muir's Breed series; another novel, Slaughter Time, refers to the events of the Edge novel The Big Gold)

    - Donovan's Reef (Lee Marvin's character is mentioned in "Motugra's Revenge," a story by Tommy Hancock in the anthology Tales of the Hanging Monkey Volume One; all four stories in the anthology feature the same cast of main characters, and all four have crossovers, with Josh Reynolds' story notably tying in with the Cthulhu Mythos)

    - The Shootist (a Marshal Books appears in Edward M. Erdelac's Merkabah Rider series, which features a Hasidic gunslinger in the Old West battling the Great Old Ones and other supernatural threats; Erdelac's notes on the series on his site say Marshal Books is either J.B. Books or else his brother)

    1. There are a number of other crossovers in the Merkabah Rider series, incidentally.