Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time

Sherlock Holmes, the Time Traveler, and a Scotland Yard inspector travel to the future to prevent the birth of the Morlocks. Charles Marlow (from Joseph Conrad’s “Youth,” Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, and Chance), Martin Hewitt (Arthur Morrison’s sleuth) and Sebastian Zambra (a detective created by Headon Hill) are mentioned. The Time Traveler’s real name is given as Moesen Maddoc rather than Bruce Clarke Wildman, so I consider this an AU.


  1. I think about half of the posts here are about AU Sherlock Holmes books. This is undoubtedly because Holmes is such a popular character and all the books can't fit in the CU.

    Are Marlow (Charlie, not Philip) and Zambra in the CU?

    1. Heart of Darkness is referenced in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a story in the latest volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, so Marlow is in. Win included a Zambra story in the original Crossovers that featured a Suicide Club similar to Stevenson's, and the new books will conclude the Zambra novel The Narrowing Circle, which takes place later in the detective's life, and has several references to Zambra having been a contemporary and rival of Holmes'.