Saturday, January 31, 2015

Crossover Cover: Eye of the Gorgon

A retelling of the life story of Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman’s enemy Ra’s al Ghul, and mother of his son Damian, the current Robin. As a birthday gift, Ra’s gives his daughter a base that “once belonged to the infamous Devil Doctor of Limehouse himself.” This is, of course, Fu Manchu, who has often been cited as one of the primary inspirations for the character of Ra’s al Ghul. This series is part of DC’s “New 52,” a company-wide “reboot” of its titles with a brand-new continuity, and likely takes place outside CU continuity as well. Supporting this argument is the fact that this issue continues the plot from the first, which had an appearance by the superteam known as the Outsiders.

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  1. I remember hearing about this. I also assumed it was an AU.

    It's worth noting that at one time Detective Comics contained an adaption of the first Fu Manchu novel.

    Fu Manchu made his first comic book appearance in Detective Comics # 17, and continued, as one feature among many in the anthology series, until No. 28. These were reprints of the earlier Leo O'Mealia strips.