Monday, July 6, 2015

Crossover Cover: Material Witness

Joe Ledger and his comrades in the Department of Military Sciences are dispatched to Pine Deep, Pennsylvania to deal with an author who is offering to sell a plot he devised involving a major terrorist attack to several different extremist groups. Joe Ledger is already in the CU through crossovers with Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” and Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series. This crossover brings in Maberry’s Pine Deep Trilogy of novels, which consists of Ghost Road Blues, Dead Man’s Song, and Bad Moon Rising.


  1. I love the Monster Hunters International books. I'd love for someone to work how Franks fits in with the other Frankenstein monsters in the CU

  2. I am actually reading the first Monster Hunter book right now. I think I caught a couple of references that you may have missed. At least, they weren't mentioned when you posted about the book on this site.

    Where did Joe Ledger and MHI crossover again? Some short story?

  3. What were the references?

    There's going to be a Joe Ledger/Agent Franks crossover by Maberry and Correia in the upcoming anthology URBAN ALLIES, which has urban fantasy authors collaborating on short stories crossing over their respective characters, similar to the recent thriller crossover anthology FACE OFF.

  4. Well, my first response seemed to have gotten lost in the internet....

    One of the Hunters says you want to stay out certain parts of the country including certain towns in Maine and the Jersey Pine Barrens. It' admittedly vague, but I assume that the towns in Maine refers to Stephen King's Maine (Derry, Castle Rock et cetera.) and F. Paul Wilson novella the Barrens (which has a mention of Miskatonic University)


  5. Sorry that first attempt didn't come through. I've been having major internet trouble, so I wasn't able to approve it right away.

  6. Huh, somehow I hadn't heard of FaceOff before. Will most (all?) of those stories be included in the CU?

    1. Yes, several stories from that collection will be included in the new volumes.

  7. Sometimes the internet is like the sea. One day something might get to its destination, another it might disappear without a trace.