Sunday, July 19, 2015

Crossover of the Week

Spring 1942
            The Phantom Detetive attempts to end a gang war in New York. The Phantom’s ally, Inspector Thomas Gregg, is doing his own part to end the conflict, aided by, among others, Timothy Scallot, Cardona, and Captain McGrath. The instigator of the war tells a group of fellow gangsters that they should worry more about the Black Bat or the Masked Avenger than the Phantom.
            Short story by “Robert Wallace” (Tom Johnson) in Double Danger Tales #37, Tom and Ginger Johnson, eds., Fading Shadows Publications, March 2000; reprinted in Triple Detective #3, Altus Press, 2009. Timothy Scallot is from the Secret Agent X stories. Inspector Joe Cardona is from the Shadow novels, while Captain McGrath is from the Black Bat pulps. The Masked Avenger is Johnson’s own original creation.

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