Monday, July 20, 2015

Crossover Cover: Nextwave is Love

H.A.T.E. director Dirk Anger orders the release of “the Neo-Hyde Gutspawn…Human scum empowered by the cloned chemically-mutated cells found in the stomach walls of the corpse of Henry Jekyll himself!” Nextwave is a team composed of mostly pre-existing Marvel superheroes, and therefore this series cannot take place in the CU.


  1. It's actually debatable whether this happens in the Marvel Universe proper. It's a varied skewed satirical take on Marvel superheroes.

    1. The semi-official line is that something vaguely similar to Nextwave happened in the 616. Photon, Machine Man, Elsa Bloodstone, Boom-Boom and the Captain were a team and they did... stuff, but what's real and what's elaborate fake memories is still undetermined.

      It's a great book on its own but it gets better if you've read any of Ellis' other work, especially Stormwatch, the Authority or Planetary. It's as much of a self-parody as a parody of Marvel.

  2. My favorite bit is with the Captain who is very foul mouthed. He meets Captain America who is his idol but Cap becomes so disgusted with his filthy moth that he pinches him out and stuffs him In a trash can