Monday, October 5, 2015

Crossover Cover: Death Rides the Valkyrie

This story originally appeared in the Airship 27 anthology Black Bat Mystery Volume One in 2010, and was released in a revised edition as a standalone e-book by Timepiece Press in 2015. The Black Bat investigates a theft aboard a zeppelin. One of the suspects is reformed ex-con Rowland Clark. The Bat’s assistant Silk Kirby scoffs at rumors of a “crime college” in upstate New York. However, after Clark seemingly commits suicide, the Bat reveals the crime college does exist, and Clark was rehabilitated there. Clark’s murderer proves to be Kobold, a former member of the group of German adventurers known as the Alle-Männer. The Crime College was founded and run by Doc Savage, of course. Ostensibly a group of adventurers from the German pulps, the Alle-Männer (German for “All-Men”) were actually created by Salmon, and also appear in his forthcoming novel All-Men: The Shadow-Line.

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